Pubcon 2009 SEO Tips


  • Use Google Insights to make sure the keywords you are focusing on do not have declining interest.
  • Use Google Trends to check traffic trends in different markets. There may be emerging opportunities in other geographic areas.
  • How long will it take to get a keyword converting? Will it be worth it when it does?
  • Perform ongoing keyword research. The way people search changes.

On Site SEO:

  • "Glossary pages" are good for SEO
  • Use footer links sparingly and only link to your most important pages. Don't waste pagerank on content that is worthless. AKA SEO Silo
  • Landing pages: put the call to action above the scroller.
  • Landing pages: keep forms above the scroller and keep them short.
  • Launching a new product that doesn't exist in the market yet? Associate it with one that does to make people more comfortable with it.
  • Does your "Thank You" page cross sell or further engage? It should.
  • Your marketing purpose must be the #1 goal of your website.
  • If you use a map on your site embed a real map versus using an image.
  • No follow one link on a page and all become no follow.
  • The order of links in the code is more important than the order of links in the user experience.
  • The sequence of links on a page matters. Put the important ones on top.

Off Site SEO:

  • When building links make sure they have a random life
  • Text links in a page carry more weight than alt text
  • Even negative reviews help your rank. It's all about the numbers. Sad, but true!

Local Business SEO:

  • Just because you are closest doesn't mean you get the business. You need to build your brand too. Build trust.
  • Pull out your phone and do a search for your business.
  • Search your web site on your smart phone and make the required tweaks.
  • go to and follow the instructions
  • Add photos and video to your local search listing
  • Include city & state in the title tags
  • Local business's need local links
  • Neighborhoods matter. Are you optimizing for a "bad neighborhood"?

UI / Stickiness:

  • Screen size and resolution matters.
  • Offer an Incentive for reviews / feedback
  • Sign up to watch a video worked much better than sign up to download a white paper
  • 80% of your visitors will fill out an "optional information" form after completing your call to action
  • Most visitors will not watch more than the 1st image of a rotating image.
  • Too manuy options = no choice.
  • Buttons should never say "Submit". Try "Download Now", "Start Free Trial", "Request More Information"
  • Link magnets are better than link begging
  • If you are going to do video write the script with keywords in mind
  • Forms: make sure there are no questions they can't answer or they will leave

Search Engines:

  • You need to get your site listed using text, images and video. A picture is worth 1000 words and people are clicking on it.
  • Search: 80% of queries are informational. Give them the information they want and then lead them where you want them
  • Google's technology is emerging to be able to read text in images.
  • Google's technology is also emerging to be able to understand words spoken in Video and index the transcripts.

Traffic analysis / Webtrends tools / Google Analytics:

  • Measure your brand traffic and keyword traffic separately. In Google analytics, you can change certain keywords to show as direct traffic
  • Are you ranking #1 (or trying to rank #1) for a keyword that will not provide any real benefit to your business?
  • Check your analytics for pages that are getting links and no traffic and redirect them.
  • Always be testing and measuring results. Before you change something get a benchmark.


  • Conversions: 3% to 5% is decent
  • Bounce rate: 30% is good, 50% is ok, 70% needs work
  • Surface conversations about your product, service or brand that are happening


  • Read competitors press releases. Are they using words that may change the way people search?

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