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Do you know the story about the 17 camels?

A father died. In his will he left instructions that his 17 camels are to be split up between his 3 sons:

  • The eldest son will receive half of the camels
  • The middle son will receive third of the camels
  • The youngest son will receive ninth of the camels

The sons could not divide the camels, so they called their wise uncle.

The uncle came, riding a camel. The 3 sons explained their mathematical problem, to the uncle.

The uncle offered the 3 brothers his camel, making the total 18 camels:

  • The eldest son received 9 camels
  • The middle son received 6 camels
  • The youngest son received 2 camels

This comes to 17 camels, so, the uncle got his camel back.

What does this story have to do with SEO?

Here is a "Camel" we brought one of our clients, Dag Bakfar, Israeli leading Fishing Park:

The bounce rate was 80% - 8 of 10 web visitors left the web site in under 10 seconds.

We rebuilt the web site and the content.

We tracked traffic and improved the pages that underperformed.

Currently, the web site bounce-rate is 23%.

The same amount of web visitors generate 4 times "real" visitors to the Fishing Park.

What "18th Camel" can we, CMS Buffet SEO Company, offer our clients?

  • Improve stickiness
  • Improve UI (User Interface)
  • Improve ranking
  • Reduce PPC cost More clicks for the same amount
  • Create new web visitors traffic sources

Your Toronto SEO consultant can help you find your 18th camel

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