Does Your Website Need Mobile Browsing?

Nothing stays the same. The way that people access information has changed because of one thing - smart phones. Need directions? The days of calling home and waiting for someone to map out your route are over. Now, all you have to do is pull out your smart phone. This year, it is estimated that mobile Internet use will actually exceed desktop Internet use. As a result, just about every website is focusing on mobile browsing.... but should yours?

Mobile browsing continues to rise in popularity, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your website requires it. There are certain types of websites are ideal for mobile browsing, while others don't actually need it. So, where does your website fall? Well, take a minute to really think about it. Consider exactly what it is that your website offers: Is it something people need immediately, while they are out? Or are you offering a lot of content, pictures, and information that may require more time and thought to go through? These factors can determine whether or not your website should focus on mobile browsing.

Let's be honest, most of us don't stray too far away from out smart phones. They are typically in a pocket, purse, or on the coffee table in front of you. The thing about mobile browsing on smart phones is that it is used constantly - most often to look something up quickly. Want movie show times? Looking for somewhere to eat that offers take out? Do you need a locksmith because you accidentally locked your keys in the car? All of these situations require the consumer to take some kind of immediate action. You know that they aren't at home and are on the move. Whatever they are looking for, they want it now!

If your website offers content that is suitable for more immediate needs, then it should likely focus on mobile browsing. This may just help your website to gain traffic and popularity. Always remember that if someone is using their smart phone to look at your website, they want the essential information. Focus on contact information, hours of operation, directions, any promotions that are happening, and of course, pricing. This will make your website and your business as accessible as possible.

Not all websites need to focus on mobile browsing, however. In fact, some sites should "ignore" the mobile browsing trend altogether. Why? Well, there are situations where the information on your website may be more appropriate to read from a desktop computer rather than a cell phone. This is accurate if there is a lot of information to go through, or even if there are a lot of pictures or instructions. If your website is offering content that is less immediate, then mobile browsing probably shouldn't be your priority.

Types of websites that should avoid focusing on mobile browsing are how-to websites that include a number of pictures and information - things you likely wouldn't want to go through when you are out and about. Other examples include things like computer monitors, which indicate that the consumer is currently using a desktop computer, or home repairs and installation websites. All of those indicate that the consumer is currently in their home and is likely on a computer rather than a smart phone. In cases like these, mobile browsing simply doesn't make sense!

Know what you need. Some websites should focus on mobile browsing, while others should ignore it altogether. It is important that you understand exactly what your website offers and the best way to bring it to consumers.

If you are unsure whether your website should focus on mobile browsing, contact us at: 647-477-2992. At CMS Buffet, we understand how to improve the visibility of your online business.

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