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Traffic reporting tools

There are a few traffic reporting tools to see your web site traffic. I will mention 4 that I like

  1. The software that is used by your hosting company.
    Your hosting company might have webTrends or similar software. I prefer these, since they are accurate and show you (almost) everything.
  2. Google analytics - a very popular solution and rightfully so.
    You can register here The reports are for savvy users. Overall this is a wonderful (free) solution.
  3. "Enquire", you can find it here Enquisite.
    It gives you great reports, but only about traffic that came from search engines. There is nothing about traffic that came from "referring sites".
  4. "Hit Tail", you can find it here HitTail.
    It gives you a list of links that referred traffic to your web site.

You can have them all or just one.
They are all good traffic reporting tools.

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