Where are the Organic SEO Results on Google SERP?

Google is at it again. It seems every time we use Google to search for something, another issue is uncovered. What is the problem this time? Google has pushed down all of the organic search results...which impacts the visibility of websites that are using organic SEO methods. It's pretty clear that Google is playing favourites - and if you're not paying, you lose.

Here is what happened: We recently did a Google search for ‘cancer signs and symptoms.' When the Google search engine results page (also known as Google SERP) came up, all of the organic search results were pushed under the fold. In fact, you couldn't even see any of them. What was profiled? Three paid results - yes, three. These paid search results took up the entire screen. In order to get to the actual results of the Google search, we had to scroll...a lot. Is this really how an effective search engine works? Just where are the organic SEO results on Google SERP?

There are a number of concerns that our recent Google search brought to light. These concerns are essentially: What does this mean for users and what does this mean for organic SEO results? In terms of what this means for users, Google is compromising the accessibility to quality information. Users using Google to find the answer to a question or to do some research may struggle to find what they are looking for. Google is profiling PPC and paid links to the point that actual search results are hidden from view. How does this help users find the information they need? It doesn't. It appears to us that Google is compromising the integrity of the user experience in order to gain more revenue.

In terms of what this means for organic search results, this issue is especially problematic. Using SEO methods to organically increase the visibility of your website on search engines is a common practise. It can increase your audience and help to improve the overall quality of your website. However, it appears that Google is much less interested in sorting quality results and is far more interested in boosting their own revenue. This makes it more difficult for websites using organic SEO methods to be seen, which impacts the quality of Google's search results page - and the effectiveness of Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world...yet they seem to be more focused on making money than actually benefiting users and website owners. Profiling PPC over organic SEO doesn't help websites looking to increase visibility and it certainly doesn't help people looking to find real search results.

It is time to ask yourself one simple question: Is Google looking out for users or is Google looking out for their revenue? This is up to you to decide...but from our point of view, it doesn't look good for Google users. The bottom line - if you're looking for answers that you won't find from PPC links, or if you're looking to increase the visibility of your website using organic SEO on Google, you've got a tough road ahead of you. Something needs to change...and that something is Google.

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