Increase Your Pay Per Click Page Scores with Quality Landing Page Content

Everyone knows that the higher your PPC pages score with Google, the less you'll literally "pay-per-click". How difficult is that? Turns out, it's not that difficult as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

We've all been chattering for the past couple of months about Google's new Panda content farm algorithm. It's been posing quite a challenge for some of us in the SEO community, but for those of us who understand and recognize the need for quality page content, we have not been affected. Google's aim is to raise content quality standards, so we find more of what we need, and less of what we don't. What that translates into is more quality Web sites awarded with higher rankings, while the lesser quality ones are buried even lower on the SERPs. That includes PPC landing pages that are filled with the content equivalent of a case of SPAM. We never want to read inferior content, and we don't want to have to wade through page after page of it to get the valuable information we need. Those of us in the SEO community have a responsibility to our clients to help them achieve their goals by providing top quality services; those services include helping you save money on your PPC campaigns by writing quality content for your landing pages. Instead of paying Google top dollar for the wrong PPC keywords, use the right ones and save money. You'll soon be earning more money by the increased exposure a proper PPC campaign will bring.

Here are some tips from the SEO Toronto experts:

  • Find the keywords people are using to perform their searches: You want to zero in on exactly how users are phrasing their searches. If the service you're targeting is "Mobile Dog Grooming Toronto", make sure you do your homework on all the ways people are searching for the product you're offering.
  • Glean the question from the search criteria: Research has shown that users consult search engines for just about everything. Search engines are the oases in their lives where the things they are looking for magically appear before them. You want your site to be the fruit-bearing tree. If you understand how users are searching for your products or services, yours will be the site they click on, rather than your competitor's.
  • What type of conversion are you hoping for? Your landing pages MUST have a specific call to action. What would you like your customers to do? Call you; fill out a contact form; order the product they need right away; click on another link to lead them to more detailed information about what it is you're offering. By guiding your customers, you will see increased conversions. That includes having a detailed links to additional information if it is necessary.
  • Write quality content: This has never been more vital. Gone are the days when you could get away with shoddy content writing. Now, it has to be top notch. Remember, Google is paying attention. The quickest way to get your landing pages buried is to have poorly written content. Quality content writing is an investment, just like a well-run PPC campaign. This isn't something you can afford to scrimp on. You want to covert browsers to buyers by impressing them, not chasing them away. Always keep in mind that your content needs to please humans as well as robots. Not one or the other - both.
  • Track your Clients through Google: Your SEO professional will show you how easy it is to keep track of your site's analytics. It's easy, and it's an investment. If you like to browse the celebrity gossip sites while enjoying your morning coffee, you can take a few minutes to check your site's data. These data will show you what's working and what needs to be modified in order to achieve optimum performance.
  • Invest in quality images: Put up the brightest, sharpest images of your products. Make them interactive (magnification/alternate views) if at all possible. The more information you give users, the more confidence they will have in your products.

These simple steps will help lower your PPC campaign costs by pleasing the search engines, and increasing your sales. If you play by the rules, you'll find PPC can and will pay off. Our SEO Toronto consultants can show you how easy it is to succeed at PPC, and save money at the same time.

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