Writing SEO Content for the Left Side of the Brain

Brain Thinking

The brain is divided into two hemispheres, each performing different functions. As a whole, the brain is a physiological wonder; the parts that make up the whole never cease to mystify and fascinate us.

When we talk about the left side of the brain, we know it is responsible for logic and reason. The left side of the brain also helps us think sequentially, giving us the ability to recognize the order of letters and numbers.

Ideally, most of us want to be considered "whole brained", but in truth, most of us are stronger on one side of our brain than the other. Some of us become great thinkers while others become great artists; some of us can solve complex equations while others can barely accomplish simple arithmetic. The list goes on.

What does this have to do with writing content for your Web site?

As we've discussed, effective SEO content has to satisfy a number of specific criteria. It has to appeal to the humans who read it, and to the electronic robots that periodically scan it. Of course, those robots don't have human brains, so anyone who endeavours to write content must place the humans ahead of the robots. Both are looking for a certain degree of logic, and that's when the writing becomes challenging.

The human brain wants to read content that makes sense. When you jam keywords into your content, the human in front of the screen is going to spot that in an instant. Your writing will be incoherent and choppy, and the likelihood of humans reading more than one or two lines is slim to none. They will quickly move on to another site. Robots may not notice as quickly, but when they do, they have a similar reaction. Instead of clicking over to another site, a robot will drop your ranking so as not to waste the humans' time. More well-written sites will move up in rank, replacing sites that are keyword-stuffed full of incoherent drivel.

Does your SEO company know how to write content for the left side of the brain? Engage the left side of your own brain as you read these pages:


"K9 Toronto offers essential services like a pet taxi for pet owners who need assistance transporting their pets. The writing is straightforward, describing a service that many pet owners may not realize is available through a dog grooming company."


Many people many not realize how germs spread through a commerical environment. The assumption is, people bring their germs to work with them. The reality is, germs spread through air ducts, especially in offices that are attached to manufacturing or distribution spaces. Dirt, debris and allergens are always present. Professional duct cleaning is a simple and effective means of ridding the air of these elements.


Besides offering goods and services, the hallmark of a well-written Web site is the information you take away from it. In addition to installing and maintaining home heating systems, HeatingOntario makes a point of offering valuable information that can save homeowners money.

Although we are never conscious of which side of our brains we use, we are very capable of spotting things that are irrational and illogical. Well, most of us are. We instinctively know when something doesn't look, sound or feel right. That holds especially true of the information we find online. When we search the Web for goods services and information, we like to think we are savvy enough to spot a scam. Sometimes, the scam is right under our nose and we never see it. In order to engender the trust of your customer base, you must do so with content that is rational, logical and appealing to the reader. Think of it in terms of black-and-white. The right side of the brain is responsible for the colour. We'll tackle that topic next time.

For more information about writing for the left brain, ask your Toronto SEO consultant.

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