How Google measures your web site

Here are some of the elements that Google uses to measure the web site relevancy, regarding a "keyword".

  • Website information On site information
    • The keyword is part of the domain name
    • The keyword appears within the title tag
    • The keyword appears in the page content
    • How often does the content changes? Google loves new content
    • The web site age. how long has this web site been around
    • The web site renewal date. A doamin registered for another year gets less points than a domain registered for 5 years
  • Off site
    • The keyword appears in the links pointing to the web site
    • The Websites these links are on
      • Are they relating to the same subject?
      • Are they from the same area?
      • Is this a two way link?

  • Google and user behavior
    • Time spent on the web site
    • Clicks from Google result pages and return to the Google SERP

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